What people are saying about cleanse and glow!


What people are saying about cleanse and glow!

“Today we had our fitness test in Bootcamp! All ladies on juice BEAT their best time!!! Big day of push ups sit ups skipping rope…we all were running afterwards to Laura’s for our first bottle lol…!! You have a fantastic product!” M

“Thanks for this wonderful experience. John and I will definitely do it again next month. Thanks” L

“I liked your juices a lot. I’m planning on doing your detox every month or so.”A

“She’s been eating much healthier since the detox so she’s pretty excited about doing it again!”A

“I feel so amazing and revived. People have been telling me I’ve been looking great. I’m excited to do this again soon xxx thanku”. N

“Thank you so much! I’m excited to do this again.”

“I really loved the juices and the predays were very easy and the post days the most difficult because I missed my juices already and it was strange to eat again, although I only eat fruit veggies quinoa and chicken.” E

“Hi, quick question! We all loved our juicing so much and feel super great so I wanted to know if it’s “bad” if we do it in a months time??? Every month??? What u think???”L

“I’m hooked. Even though I’m eating solids today I still feel great and so healthy. Also my whole mind set has changed and all I want to do now is eat the right things and be healthy”


“Thank u for the amazing 3 days it was a great experience

The programs was working amazingly for me and it is truly transforming the way I relate to nutrition , I had almost no craving for a lot of food in general , feel very energetic, dont need to sleep as much and have lost weight!

Thanks again for the wonderful detox experience… and I want to do it again for 5 days please”


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