Before & After The Cleanse

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your juice cleanse:
  • Ease into it with a pre-cleanse diet
  • Take nourishing spa detox salt baths
  • Exercise (low impact) to release more toxins through perspiration
  • Exfoliate by dry brushing your skin before exercise or showering
  • Help everything move along with a massage
  • After the cleanse slowly add solid foods by following a post cleanse diet 

Types of food to avoid and what you should eat before & after your cleanse. 


Processed Food, Drinks and Snacks
  • Cut anything containing preservatives, stabilizers, colorings, flavorings and other additives.
  • Try organic carrots, celery and apples.
Caffeinated Drinks
  • Eliminate coffee, black tea and energy drinks.
  • Try light green or herbal teas.
Dairy Products
  • No milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream.
  • Try bananas and avocados provide the same creamy texture you crave
  • Not a crumb of wheat bread, bagels, pasta, crackers or cookies.
  • Try quinoa and fill the void with plenty of fresh produce.
  • Avoid sugary treats, products and sugar itself.
  • Choose a few pieces of ripe fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Eliminate red meat, and deli meats.
  • Have organic chicken, turkey and cooked fish if you want lean protein.
  • No ketchup, sauces and flavorings from bottles.
  • Use spices and fresh herbs for an extra kick.
Processed Cooking Oils
  • Avoid fried, greasy and oil-filled dishes.
  • Use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and other nut oils for flavor on your salads.
  • Eliminate them entirely.
  • Eliminate to give your body a break from dealing with potential chemical traces and parasites.
  • Eliminate peanuts and peanut butter, they can have a toxic effect.
  • Substitute almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, coconut and organic nut butters.

Drink up!                                                                                     

  • Make sure you drink LOTS of water throughout the day. At least 2 liters should help you stay 'regular'.
  • You want to try and keep your digestive system moving, so if you’re having a little trouble, it’s a good idea to either take a probiotic supplement, or have a tablespoon of castor oil before bed.

Days 1 to 5 after the cleanse.

Be gentle on your system. Here are some suggestions on what to eat on days  1-5 after your juice cleanse:

1. Keep it raw.
  • Eat raw fruits, raw (or lightly steamed) vegetables (mostly greens), and seeds.
2. Take it slow.
  • Stick to fresh squeezed juice, cucumber, celery, avocado or vegetable broth.  Continue to hydrate with water and herbal teas.
3. Light starch, please.
  • Now you can add salads (more raw than cooked) and small portions of brown rice or starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes.
4. Reintroduce lean meats and fish.
  • Start with very small portions of animal protein and a salad with seeds.
5. Now you can eat anything and everything you want in moderation.
  • Be careful with the quantities as your eating habits have changed and your stomach size has shrunk, don’t overload it. 
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