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  • SR2,275.00
    With more and more research heading towards the Gut - Brain connection, it’s no wonder our mood shifts when we have an unhealthy digestive system. We can’t focus, we are on edge, frustrated, we feel tired and bloated all the time. This program is specifically designed to restore the good bacteria in your gut. It will provide you with the super fermented food sauerkraut daily, a soup, a salad a fermented probiotic juice and a shot. (Approx. 1100 cal per day)
  • SR2,850.00
    Cleanses the colon, clears the skin, detoxifies the body, burns fat, Helps with bloating and constipation, boosts immunity, gives you a break from animal protein, helps turn the body alkaline.(Approx. 1200 Kcal per day)
  • SR2,670.00
    Cleansing during Ramadan has a double effect! Dry fasting has proven to have enormous health benefits such as controlling blood sugar, reducing cholesterol levels, enhancing heart health, and general healing of the body. Imagine adding to that a 100% vegan healthy and detoxifying diet during iftar hours! The benefits will be amazing!(Approx. 1500 cal per day)
  • SR1,300.00
    This is a great way to lose fat and increase muscle mass. Other great health benefits include anti-aging, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. The program consists of 7 days, alternating between “FAST” days; where you consume only 4 juices per day and “BREAK” days where you would consume 3 meals and 3 juices. (Approx. 650 Kcal for the fasting days/ approx. 1350 Kcal for the break days)
  • SR1,225.00
    This Cleanse is perfect for those who want a quick fix for their colon and digestive problems! Juices in this program are chosen to aid your digestion, soothe and cleanse your irritated colon. Your gut will thank you and so will your skin and hair! It includes 6 juices + 1 shot daily. (Approx. 850 Kcal per day)
  • SR2,125.00
    This is a plant based diet high in energy, nutrients and goodness. It’s perfect for those who want to switch to a healthy lifestyle for good! It includes a morning shot, a green juice, a hearty breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.(Approx. 1250 Kcal per day)
  • SR1,960.00
    This 7-day Cleanse Fit for him includes more protein, filling salads and snacks. This program should keep you full and energized all day, but still help you Detox.(Approx. 1800 Kcal per day)
  • SR1,400.00
    This 7-Day Cleanse is perfect for those who want a quick Skin Fix!! Filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and immunity boosting ingredients. Your gut will thank you and so will your skin! It includes 4 juices + 3 shots daily.(Approx. 600 Kcal per day)

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