• SR232.00
    Choose 5 juices out of our 38 flavors + any salad
  • SR240.00
    Choose 4 juices out of our 38 flavors + any 2 salads
  • SR1,125.00
    Designed to give your body a longer break from digesting solid food and fighting irritants, this program triggers a deeper inner cleaning, promotes weight loss if you need it and powerfully pumps up your youthfulness and vigor.
  • SR675.00
    It boosts body functioning and energy, restores your natural glow and a sense of lightness as it gets you back on track to a healthy lifestyle.
  • SR225.00
    The 24-hour health and beauty boost. Take a break from everyday habits with this quick and easy recharge, designed to help you feel lighter and brighter after one completely delicious day.
  • SR45.00
    Lentils, bell-pepper, cucumber, celery, beets, buckwheat, baby rockets, parsley, pumpkin seeds, goji berries. (Lemon, balsamic & black pepper dressing)
  • SR45.00
    Red kidney beans, bell pepper, cucumber, red cabbage, carrot, black rice, tomato, baby spinach, mixed sprouts (Lemon, cayenne pepper & olive oil dressing)
  • SR45.00
    Sprouted chick peas, cucumber, tomato, whole wheat grains, carrot, baby leaf lettuce, mixed sprouts, dates. (Apple cider vinegar & honey dressing)
  • SR45.00
    Cucumber, freekeh, green-pepper, baby-lettuce, tomato, parsley, coriander, spring onion, roasted chickpeas, sesame seeds. (Tahini, lemon, oil & semac dressing)
  • SR45.00
    Sprouted white beans, green beans, cucumber, beets, kale, quinoa, tomato, zucchini, sunflower seeds. ( Lemon, balsamic & black pepper dressing)
  • SR45.00
    Lentils, cucumber, beets, barley, pomegranate, bell-pepper, baby-rockets, pumpkin seeds. (Balsamic vinegar & mustard dressing)
  • SR20.00
    Natural antibiotic. Recommended 4-5 days per month.
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