Select Your Cleanse

Our 1-day Cleanse

The 24-hour health and beauty boost. Take a break from everyday habits with this quick and easy recharge, designed to help you feel lighter and brighter after one completely delicious day.

(Price – 225.00 SAR)

Try it if:

  • You want to experience the benefits of juicing and cleansing without a big commitment.
  • You want to feel refreshed and reinvigorated, or hit “reset” after a splurge.
  • You want to include a day of juicing into your week for year-round health and beauty.

Our 3-day Cleanse

It boosts body functioning and energy, restores your natural glow and a sense of lightness as it gets you back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

(Price – 675.00 SAR)

Try it if:

  • You have no previous experience with cleansing, or you want a gentler experience.
  • You have a short window of time for a cleanse or want a quick health and beauty boost.
  • Your diet is high in any of the following: prepared and processed foods, take-out meals, caffeine or alcohol, and you want to ease into cleansing gently.

Our 5-day Cleanse

Designed to give your body a longer break from digesting solid food and fighting irritants, this program triggers a deeper inner cleaning, promotes weight loss if you need it and powerfully pumps up your youthfulness and vigor.

(Price – 1,125.00 SAR)

Try it if:

  • You have already had some experience cleansing and are ready for more.
  • You are new to cleansing but eager to make a bigger change.
  • Your diet is rich in fresh, whole foods as well as low in processed foods and stimulants, and you feel ready for a deeper dive into detoxing.

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